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MetrologyMetroSM ("MM") welcomes you to your directory of metrology, calibration, and quality resources and services.

This is your resource spot for metrological, calibratory, and quality industries' information. provides an annotated, categorized, and searchable directory of metrology, calibration, and QA/QC Web sites, resources and services. Technically speaking, this site can be referred to as a vertical metrology portal (vortal) or niche site.

MM is your site, and you are all invited to participate in its construction, implementation, and content. Please help our efforts by submitting your metrology resource today. is independently owned and operated. For contact details, please visit our Contact Info page.


What is Metrology?
Briefly described, metrology is the science of measurement, and measurement is the language of science.  So, if you think about it, if "science is measurement, " then without metrology, there is no science.


Purpose of MetrologyMetro?
The purpose of this web site: to provide useful and practical metrological, calibratory, and quality links, information, resources, and services to the general public and to metrology communities as well. It resembles more of a directory (like Yahoo!) than a search engine (like Google); therefore, resources will be categorized alphanumerically. The links will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Educational and Research Institutes
Professional Associations/Societies
Government and Military


Why MetrologyMetro?
We created this site (in case anyone is curious) because we wanted a centralized location that contains information pertaining only to "things metrology"--one that not only provides useful information for the metrology, calibration, and quality communities, but also has links to other informative metric sites and resources as well. What we are attempting to offer you is quality of relevant information, rather than quantity of irrelevant data.


Resources available on this site include:

A metrology discussion forum that supports interactive discussions of topics by users.
A section where you can submit your creative suggestions.
A fun, semiannual Quizlet which will test and verify your scientific, technical, metrological, calibratory, and quality knowledge and expertise.

A fun, free semiannual Quiz
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Metrology Job Board - Metrology, calibration, and QA/QC professionals are now able to post, view, and search available employment opportunities--in these fields--on MetrologyMetro's site. With the click of a button, recruiters and employers can automatically post their job listing to this site and the Jobvertise site.
Metrology Events Calendar - A continually updated, chronological, and detailed list of future metrology, calibration, and QA/QC events.
Bookstore - MetrologyMetro has teamed with Barnes & to bring you the leading online source for technical books, training, and research merchandise.
Metrology Courses - is where you can submit and view metrology courses, metrology training, metrology certificate programs, and more. This is an entirely FREE service. If you think it belongs here and deserves to featured here, then submit it below and we will list it here if we believe that it will benefit others.
Metrology Schools - is where you can submit and view metrology schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions that provide training, certificates / certification, and degree programs in the metrology, calibration, and QA/QC disciplines. This is an entirely FREE service. Why not take advantage of it?
Metrology Scholarships - List of institutions of higher learning that offer scholarships for metrology studies.
Metrology Blog - A public metrology blog for the metrology, calibration, and QA/QC communities. Can include job listings, upcoming events, educational and academic course offerings, and anything else that could be of interest and benefit to the metrological communities.

The contents of this site will be updated weekly, so stop back often. Thank you for visiting, and happy navigating. Please remember that all comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated, so please drop us an e-mail or visit our Suggestions form. We would love to hear from you!

MetrologyMetro sincerely hopes to become your #1 vertical metrology portal of choice--so please contribute.


Last updated: 05/29/2010

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A fun, free semiannual Quiz
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