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Highly Targeted, Affordable Advertising on

Are you really reaching your intended market? Advertise with MetrologyMetro and you will.

Thank you for your interest in placing your advertisement in MetrologyMetro's pages. Once you have signed up for ad placement, your banners, buttons, and text ads will be placed on our prime pages. All ads will be displayed using MetrologyMetro's bandwidth. Please note that we have a policy to limit the number of advertisers to a reasonable figure every month.   Therefore, MM has a "first come" philosophy. When all of the available advertising slots are filled, no new advertisements will be posted until a slot becomes available.

Your advertisement will be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to an international audience of consumers, for the length of the agreement. Multiple "zones" can be established, allowing certain ads to appear only on certain pages. MetrologyMetro does NOT ad statistics. It is the responsibility of the site's owner to determine from where their traffic originated.

Ad Duration Banner and text advertising are available in time increments tailored to meet your needs. The run duration can be as short as two weeks. Ad contracts are available with discounts for extended runs.

Your metrological organization is not required to maintain its own web site in order to advertise at MetrologyMetro.

Ad Banner Placement No ads will ever be placed at the very top or very bottom of any MM page. This space is reserved for MM's use.

Advertisers can choose on which page, and can suggest which location/section/category on that page that they would like their ad to appear, provided the location is available. Therefore, it is important to first check and see if your desired location is available. A slot becomes available due to an ad cancellation or contract expiration (that is not renewed).

Only one (1) ad per advertiser per page is permitted.

Banner Size
& Content
Dimensions: Width =< 468 pixels, Height =< 60 pixels
File Size: not to exceed 8KB (8,000 bytes).
File format: JPG, GIF, HTML, and Flash formats only, up to 256 colors.
No MAP or Java ads are permitted.
Animation: Upon approval only, and not to exceed 11KB.
Your banner or text ad will be hyperlinked to the Web address of your choice.

MM will deliver, along with banner ads, an optional 12-word tag line composed by the advertiser. Tag lines appear below the ad banner.

Ad Banners are to be e-mailed to MM as a graphic file attachment (e.g. filename.jpg or filename.gif) no later than two days prior to the scheduled start of the ad. Your entire banner (no "hotspots") may be hyperlinked to an address of your choice (which must be approved by MM for suitable content) if you so desire. In the text of the e-mail message (not the attachment), please specify the connecting URL/http address to link to your advertising banner. In this e-mail, you should also include your optional tag line to be placed under your banner. Please specify which words in your tag line that you want linked to this URL/http address. Send to:

Ads may be changed on a weekly basis as long as MM receives it two days in advance of placement. Your current contractual agreement will remain in effect for the new ad.
MM prefers to change ads on Sundays, if at all possible.
You may run additional ads on different pages.

Rates Minimum ad run-time is fourteen (14) days. Maximum ad run-time is six (6) months, after which a new agreement can be made. Prices quoted for ad placement are valid for the entire contracted period. You are guaranteed that your ad will run 24/7 on a particular page, for the length of the agreement.

MM does not deal in impressions, but in raw visitors to our site. This is the real statistic when considering a sales conversion (visitor-to-sale). CPM and CPC rates are ineffective for the type of exposure we are providing, and therefore are offering flat rate fees.

MM offers a variety of pages on which to advertise. The rates are structured so that all metrology organizations can afford to advertise somewhere at MetrologyMetro. Sample rates follow and are subject to change without notice.


These rates apply to banner and text ads.

Rate scale is based on site's visitor statistics.
For comprehensive MM site statistics, please
click here.



Cost/Month (US$)

Home Will remain banner-free
(for now).
Search Site $18.00
What's New $11.00
Metrology Bookstore $18.00
Metrology Books $18.00
Metrology Textbooks $18.00
Metrology Education $16.00
Metrology Courses $18.00
Metrology Schools $18.00
Metrology Events $17.00
Google Calendar - Metrology Events $19.00
Google Calendar - Calibration Events $18.00
Metrology Jobs - Info $16.00
Metrology Jobs - Job Listings $20.00
Links - Splash Page $14.00
Links - Annotated $15.00
Links - Condensed $13.00
Metrology Surveys $11.00

Advertiser discounts

8% discount for ads running 2 months.
10% discount for ads running 3 months or longer.
13% discount for ads appearing below the fold.
10% discount off total price for multiple page ads.

Note: All ads must be pre-paid before placement. Payment, along with a signed contract, is required three (3) days prior to the first day that the ad is scheduled to run. If all of the appropriate materials are not received by MM before the scheduled deadline, then the ad will run on the third day after the payment and signed agreement are received.

MM wants you to be successful, and is willing to work with you to help make that possible. Please e-mail MM with your advertising comments, suggestions, and proposals by clicking on the "Sign Me Up!" link near the bottom of this page.

Payment ALL accounts must be pre-paid by Check or Money Order.
PayPal coming soon!
MetrologyMetro is based in the USA. Therefore, overseas accounts must be paid by International Money Orders converted into US dollars (US$).

Payments should be made payable to:

and mailed to (including the signed contractual agreement):
102 S Clay St
Zelienople, PA 16063-1127

If a check is not honored by the bank for any reason, the advertiser will have 48 hours to provide MM with the payment, made by certified check or international money order, at their expense, before all future scheduled advertisements commence. No further advertisements will be run until the account is current. There will also be a $30.00 US$ service charge.

Cancellations Advertisers may cancel at any time. Credit, however, is only given for cancellations received before the cancellation deadline (see below).

The cancellation deadline is 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), two business days before the date the ad is scheduled to run.

For example, if the ad is supposed to start on Wednesday, June 5th, then the notice must be received by e-mail no later than 6:00 PM on Monday, June 3rd. If an ad is supposed to start on Monday, June 10th, then the cancellation notice must be received by 6:00 PM EST on Thursday, June 6th, to account for the non-business weekend days.

Any advertiser that submits a cancellation notice, which is received by MM after the cancellation deadline, is bound by the current agreement. The ad banner will be posted for the length of the agreement, and the advertiser will receive no refund.

Policies MetrologyMetro reserves the right to refuse any advertising request, for any reason, at MetrologyMetro's sole discretion, or to cancel, at any time, advertisements which violate MM's advertising agreement.

Prices are valid for the entire period of time for which you have contracted. Current prices are subject to change without notice.

MetrologyMetro reserves the right to make changes to the advertising program and to this site, at any time, without notice.

MetrologyMetro has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you may cancel your advertisement at any time, subject to the cancellation deadline and terms discussed above.

Speak With A Real Person
If you are interested, please click on the "Sign Me UP" link below and tell us what you desire. MM will contact you to obtain the details and exchange ideas. If you have any preliminary questions, please e-mail MM.

Thank you for your interest in advertising at MetrologyMetro.

Sign Me Up!

This page was last revised on Thursday, January 28, 2010 06:22 PM

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