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Nominate a Site for Listing at MetrologyMetro

Important!  If you are the site's owner or webmaster (i.e. have site authority), please use the Submit Link form.

Please read and adsorb all thoughts on this page. Doing so will make the submission process less stressful for all parties involved.

The MetrologyMetro ("MM") directory is organized by category. Most sites in it are suggested by users and visitors like yourself. Sites are placed in categories by MM, who visits and evaluates your suggestions and decides where they best belong (or if they belong at all). This is to ensure that MM is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

Please note that MM is a directory of sites that contain information pertaining to metrology, calibration, and quality. If the site that you are nominating does not contain metrological information, please do not submit it. Also, please do not nominate a site to MM if it does not meet MM's guidelines, which are listed below.


In order to add a site to MetrologyMetro, the following rules/conditions must be fulfilled and adhered to:

  1. MM must be able to view the main/title/entrance page before it will be listed.
  2. Only sites that are of good quality and pertinent content will be added. The site must also contain a "significant amount" of metrological information. By that, we mean, a visitor to the site should feel that the visit was not a waste of his/her time. Use your own discretion when submitting a site.
  3. If the site consists of tons of ad banners, it will be considered commercial, and listed in the commercial section.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Any site that blatantly violates them will find their listing(s) permanently removed from the database!

Below is a list of categories that you need to choose from to nominate a web site(s) for listing consideration. By clicking on the appropriate category, you will be transported to a category specific submission page. All that MM requests is that you first follow the brief steps listed below. By doing so, you will: a) avoid submitting a listed URL, and; b) expedite the submission and listing process.

Note 1: Nominating a site(s) does not guarantee that it will be listed. Final listing decisions are completely at MM's discretion (including the category where the link will appear, and all of the descriptive text). Do not fret. If the site is metrologically legitimate, and the site's owner permits it to be listed --- it will be listed!

With this in mind, MM asks that you follow three simple, yet important steps if you have a site (URL) that you would like to suggest:

Step 1: Check to See if the Site is Already Listed in MetrologyMetro.

An important first step, because if the site is already listed in MetrologyMetro, you need go no further. Check by searching MetrologyMetro for the site, by title, by browsing appropriate categories, or by using the Search This Site form.

Step 2: Find the Appropriate Category in MetrologyMetro.

Finding an appropriate category for the site is at the heart of this process. Remember that MM visits each site suggested, and proper categorization on your part helps MM to process suggestions quickly.

What is an appropriate category?  Click here to read a list of important pointers explaining how MM organizes the directory.

When you click on the appropriate category, you will see an online form asking for information about the site and organization. Please be prepared to provide, among other information, the site's title, URL, and a brief description. Remember that the final placement of the site is determined by MM.

Step 3. Choose the Appropriate Category for the Site From the List Below
If you agree with the conditions/guidelines, then please continue. If you believe that the organization falls into a category that is not on the list, choose one that most closely approximates it. You can suggest a new category in the "Site Nomination" form.

Finally, thank you for the site nomination and for contributing to MetrologyMetro! By following the above steps (in order, no less!) you're helping MM to process sites in a timely manner. Now, on to the Categories...


Academic/Instructional Institutions (College, University, Other)
Accreditation Bodies
Government (Government, Military)
Laboratories (U.S., World)
Metrology Event
Organizations (Conference, Metrology, Standardizing, International & National Standards)
Personal Home Pages
Professional Societies
Software (Freeware, Shareware, & Commercial)
Additional Metrology Resource Sites (Other)
Calibration Products and Services (Commercial Sites)

Note 2: If the site qualifies for listing in more than one category, you will have to make a separate submission for each pertinent category.
No more than one (1) URL listing per subcategory per organization is permitted.
No more than a total of four (4) listings per site/organization.

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