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MetrologyMetro's Metric Metre iQuiz: How well do you measure up?

MMiQ is a fun and educational quizlet -- available in e-zine format -- which will test and verify your scientific, technical, metrological, calibratory, and quality knowledge and expertise. Subscribe today!

Each quizlet will test your overall knowledge of material from such disciplines as:

* Chemistry * Electronics * Mathematics
* Optics * Physical Measurements * Physics
* Statistics * Fluids etc.


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Before proceeding to the quiz, please allow me to highlight a few points and address quiz-takers' potential preliminary questions:

Q: Why only three quizlet questions, you ask?
A: MM wouldn't want you to be slacking off too much on your job.
A new quiz will replace the old, every six months, and will be posted the 1st of every January and July.
A quizlet archive, containing previous exercises and their solutions, will be maintained for those visitors that missed the quizlets' first run; they will remain in the archive for a period of three (3) years, after which they will be removed.
If desired, the names and geographic locations of the quiz-takers, who successfully answer all questions correctly, will be displayed on the MMiQ Winners page for a period of six months. The winners' names will be published the day after the last day of the quizlet's six-month run.
If you find it necessary to dispute MetrologyMetro's solutions, then click here for the procedure to do so.


Check This Out!
As a free service to our valued visitors, MetrologyMetro will gladly send you an e-mail containing the latest MMiQ -- at your request -- semiannually, for the life of this service. This will permit you to determine the answers before visiting the MMiQ page. If you are interested in signing up for this service, then please visit the MMiQ E-mail Delivery page and complete the very brief form. All that you will be requested to provide is your name; your geographic location; and your e-mail address, which will remain strictly confidential. That's all there is to it!

MetrologyMetro sincerely hopes that you enjoy this service. If you have any good ideas that may make this site even more enjoyable and interactive, please convey your thoughts by visiting the Suggestions page.

Without further ado, let us proceed to the nerve cells' stimulation center.

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  | Quizlet | Quizlet's Solutions | Quizlet E-mail | Quizlet Winners | Quizlet Archives | Quizlet Dispute |


A fun, free semiannual Quiz
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