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MMiQ - MetrologyMetro's Metric Metre iQuizlet
This short quiz, and all subsequent quizzes, is an opportunity for you to validate your science and measuring expertise; the quizzes do not always focus entirely upon metrology topics. The quizzes are designed to be fun and educational for both measurement novices and "experts" alike. Take a peek at the quizlet (below) to see for yourself.


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Quizlet number:


Quizlet run:

01Jan2004 - 30Jun2004

Solutions' posting:


Next Quizlet posting:


If your browser does not support forms, please send us an e-mail and address it to Include in your e-mail the information requested in the form below.

Last updated: Thursday, January 28, 2010

The names and locations (countries only) -- not e-mail addresses -- of quiz-takers, who successfully answer all questions correctly, will be displayed on the MMiQ Winners page for a period of six months -- with their permission. The winners' names will be published the day after the last day of the quizlet's six-month run (i.e., July 1 and January 1). If you prefer not to have your information displayed, then please indicate so in the form below.

If you enjoy these exercises, and know of others that may enjoy them as well, then please let them know by visiting the Tell A Friend page.

Note: Fields that contain an * require an answer.

Please provide MetrologyMetro with the following information:

First name: *
Last name: *
City: *
State/Province: *
Country: *
E-mail: *

Examine the following questions, and indicate your answers in the questions' blank text boxes. Take your time, and enjoy these exercises.

Note: MetrologyMetro will post the solutions to this quiz on the day after its run period has expired; specifically, 01-Jul-2004.

Quizlet Theme: Milestones in Measurement

Man's ability to measure has reflected his way of life since our first record of his struggle to harness natural resources. He followed instinct and ego. Parts of his body were his length standards. When man grew in number and organized into cities and then states, he had to refine these standards for bartering and crafts. The many variations in body size resulted in conflicts. These were resolved only by the monarch choosing his own body as the standard. This established standards as the responsibility of the state, along with taxes and the rights of ownership.


Quizlet No. 01-01-04-1

For each exercise, fill in the blank with the name of the unit and type your answer in the blank text box.

For all MMiQ Exercises, the accepted rules and conventions apply (when applicable) for these: a) accuracy; b) precision; c) addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of measurements; d) significant digit rule; and e) rounding. If you don't know what they are, then please visit our brief Measurement Tutorial page for the explanations.

Don't forget that answers without accompanying UNITS will be considered incorrect (when applicable)!

If you enjoy these exercises, and know of others that may enjoy them as well, then please let them know by visiting the Tell A Friend page.


Exercise 1-1: In 890 A.D., King Alfred of England established ______ (unit) as the measure of a cubical vessel containing 1000 Roman ounces of water?

    a. foot
    b. yard
    c. cubit
    d. meter


Exercise 1-2: In 1130 A.D., King Henry I of England established ______ (unit) and made an iron standard?

    a. foot
    b. yard
    c. inch
    d. cubit

Exercise 1-3: In 1150 A.D., King David of Scotland made ______ (unit) the average measure of three men's thumbs?

    a. foot
    b. yard
    c. inch
    d. circle

If you answer all questions correctly, would you like to have your name and geographic location (country) displayed on the Quizlet Winners page?


If not already, would you like to subscribe to this quiz, MMiQ?


Click the "Grade My Quiz" button only once:
After you submit, please wait for your confirmation page to appear.
Please check that the information is correct. If you would like to change
something, come back to this form (by using your browser's Back button),
change the information, and submit it again.

If you find errors in your submission after you exit this site, just resubmit with
your corrections.


Please click here to report difficulties or errors to MetrologyMetro.

Check This Out!
As a free service to our valued visitors, MetrologyMetro will gladly send you an e-mail containing the latest MMiQ -- at your request -- semiannually, for the life of this service. This will permit you to determine the answers before visiting the MMiQ page. If you are interested in signing up for this service, then please visit the MMiQ E-mail Delivery page and complete the very brief form. All that you will be requested to provide is your name; your geographic location; and your e-mail address, which will remain strictly confidential. That's all there is to it!

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A fun, free semiannual Quiz
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