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Modify your Non-Commercial MetrologyMetro listing.

Do NOT use this URL modification form if you are a commercial site/organization.  If your site is commercial (i.e. it sells something, promotes goods and services for a fee, or charges for access), then go here and choose the appropriate category from the list.

If your browser does not support forms, please send us an e-mail.


Modify Your Link Form

Please supply as much information as you like in the form below.   All non-confidential answers will accompany your listing.  Since the form is multipurpose, not all questions will apply to your site.

Important!  You must enter your Username & Password that you chose when you submitted your site. If your site was nominated by an unknown source, then your Username & Password was sent to you in an approval request e-mail. If you lost or can't remember them, send me an e-mail that includes the following information:

Type "Username & Password" in the Subject line
Site Title (the underlined portion that appears in the directory listings)
Category (and subcategories) where the listing appears

After MM receives this information, we will e-mail you (within a day or two) your Username & Password.


Note: Questions that contain an * require an answer to properly process your request.

  1. Username (3 characters min./8 max.):
    Username: *
  2. Password (4 characters min./10 max.):
    Password: *
    Confirm password: *
  3. Organization Name:
    Please provide the official title of your organization.
  4. Organization Description (350 characters maximum):
    Please explain the function of your organization, and the services
    that it provides.
  5. Organization Address 1:

  6. Organization Address 2:

  7. City:

  8. State/Province: Zip/Postal Code:
  9. Country:
  10. National Telephone: International Telephone:
  11. National Fax: International Fax:
  12. Business E-mail:
    Note: This is the address that will accompany your directory listing.

  13. Site Title (60 characters maximum):
    This must be the actual title of your web site.
  14. Site Description (350 characters maximum):
    Try to explain exactly what your web site contains.
  15. Keywords (100 characters maximum):
    Use keywords our visitors can use to find your site (e.g. standards, research, temperature).  Each word or phrase should be separated by a comma followed by a single space.  Do Not Spam!

  16. URL of your Site:
  17. Category AND subcategories where your listing currently resides:
    (e.g. Personal Home Pages)
  18. Suggest a different category AND subcategories if you are dissatisfied with its current categorization:
    (e.g. Government)
  19. In what language is your site written?

    Feel free to contribute additional information about your site or organization (400 characters maximum).

  21. Contact Name:
    This information will remain confidential.

  22. Contact E-mail Address:
    This information will remain confidential (unless it is the
    same as your Business E-mail address entered above).
  23. Enter today's date:

    Click the Edit button only once:
    After you submit, please wait for your confirmation page to appear.
    When it does, print and save it for future reference.
    Please check that the information is correct. If you find errors in your submission after you exit this site, use the update link form to make your corrections.
    MetrologyMetro reserves the right to edit suggested descriptive text.

Thank you for supporting MetrologyMetro.


Please click here to report difficulties or errors to MetrologyMetro.
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